Saturday, December 24, 2011

[Facebook] Cafe World - 5x Ultra Stoves Goals

This is a rough guide as I'm having problems with the game.

Goal 1: Rocket Red
SERVE 60 Filipino Paellas (2 hrs)
ASK for 6 Metal Plates
ASK for 6 Bolts

Goal 2: Place Your Rocket Red!
PLACE your Rocket Red Mega Stove!

Goal 3: Royal Blue!
SERVE 40 Corned Beef
ASK for 7 Copper Wiring
ASK for 7 Gas Pipes

Goal 4: Place Your Royal Blue!
PLACE your Royal Blue Mega Stove!

Goal 5: Racing Green!
SERVE 40 Bacon Wrapped Scallops
ASK for 8 Heating Coils
ASK for 8 Control Knobs

Goal 6: Place Your Racing Green!
PLACE your Racing Green Mega Stove!

Goal 7: Pearl White!
SERVe 30 Gem Cakes
ASK for 9 Burner Rings
ASK for 9 Handles

Goal 8: Place Your Pearl White!
PLACE your Pearl White Mega Stove!

Goal 9: Midnight Black!
SERVE 20 Cocoa Cayenne Cupcakes
ASK for 10 Drip Pans
ASK for 10 Thermostats

Goal 10: Place Your Midnight Black!
PLACE your Midnight Black Mega Stove!

They'll give you a blue or green or red stove etc to place in your cafe each time you complete the main set of goals as above.

And you'll see the coloured stove icon pop up at the side. One for red stove, one for blue etc.

And you need to complete the coloured stove goals to unlock each burner of the 4x stove.

There's 2 x 4 goals in order to get each of the 4x stoves.

There are 5 coloured stoves to get.

When you are done, you get 5 coloured 4x Megastoves (which cook at 90%).

You need to complete one more goal to convert them to Ultra Stoves (which cook at 50% speed). Details on how to unlock the stoves are here.

In short,


  1. I had to serve pinwheel cookies so I think the servings are random.

  2. The food is really random for this one. I had to serve 60 Bangers & Mash. I wonder if the dishes to cook are selected based on which ones you haven't mastered as much?

  3. Random Foods are based on Time.
    Part 1 is a 2 hours Dish.
    If you have to cook a 6 hour Dish, then everyone cooks a Random 6 Hour Dish.

  4. I have found the dishes are random, based on 'time they take to cook.' In my experience, if I get a 1 hour dish, my friend on the same quest got a different dish, but that also takes 1 hour to cook. In my IT experience, their goal is to cause all goals to fit somewhere within a time based achievement. In this manner, they can somewhat predict the need for spices or cafe cash. And, therein lies the trick to the game.

    that's also the point of this promotion...that we often don't have enough stove tops to do so. Thus, completing this quest chain gives a whopping 20 additional stove tops...that are 50% (ultimately...since some sites, not so ironically 'not including Zynga's, are reporting that completing the stoves only makes them 90% and that there is some series of 'upgrade' quests that aren't yet announced to make them 50%.)

    I think I'm rambling. ;) But I wish Zynga's site had the quest info. It's very frustrating to be given goal objectives, but no real understanding of the goals themselves. Very ass backward.

  5. Well... i have working burners on 3 of the 4 stoves as of yet... and the 2 i can see and the 2 i cant see are friggin lightning stoves.
    I COULD HAVE SWORN it said it was going to be 50% stoves at the start of this nightmare... i wouldnt have knocked myself out to get these if i had known it was stupid lightning stoves... since i HAVE 2 4 burner lightning junkers in my storage... because they are more worthless than 2 50%'ers... omfg if the upgrading is as nasty as the building, imma be one unhappy person.
    thats such blatant bait and switch it isnt funny.
    Especially the rolling it out on Christmas Day part...